Have you ever considered WHO you would become if EVERYTHING was STRIPPED AWAY from you? That’s exactly what I went through 9 years ago.

It is the reason I do the work I do.

I had worked hard to follow the rules and achieve the American dream yet I still felt like a fraud. Something was calling me to come more fully into my authentic self-but I was too terrified to act on it. I meditated, prayed and performed rituals asking the universe to help me align MY LIFE with MY PURPOSE. The universe definitely responded but not nearly in the way that I anticipated!

In the blink of an eye, I lost everything, my partner, my home, my career and my self esteem.

One of my greatest teachers at this time was the element of water. Water (which makes up the majority of the earth's composition as well as the composition of our bodies), can take the shape of ​any form. It is feminine in nature and doesn’t allow itself to be defined by its container. Water taught me that titles like: wife, mother, homeowner, artist, entrepreneur didn’t define my existence-so they couldn’t qualify my essence. My essence, like water is divine, I was born with the ability to be powerful, fluid and in the flow. That is when the insecure scared me died and the Sh8peShifter was born. Despite life’s challenges, remembering to ​Sh8peshift-​honor my divine essence in the flow-became the light that led me through the darkness. Through that experience, through that fire, through that death, I was reborn.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have challenges, hell life is full of them. However, I know myself better now and have gained a new set of tools that I can use to keep me in the flow. Over the years people often asked me how I did it. What keeps me going? How have I been able to do so much with so little? What are some tips and best practices that I have learned along the way?

Sh8peshift My Life is my offering, my reciprocity and service to the universe for what it gave me. If you are reading this it is not by accident. You too are facing some sort of transition are in need of tangible tools and a blueprint for success. You are part of a movement of those, who like me have come to be like water, to bring your gifts to the world and life an authentic fulfilled life.

Welcome to the tribe, I am glad we found each other.

Keep Shifting,

<3 Zakiya
The Sh8peshifter